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Protesters demand for a liberated Al Aqsa

Hundreds of Muslims protested peacefully in front of parliament earlier this month against the Israeli court order allowing Jews to pray inside the Muslim Al Aqsa mosque in Jerusalem.

Imam Ebrahim Gabriels, former president of the Muslim Judicial Council, said: “We will die to protect the Aqsa Mosque.

“The Israelites thus took over the mosque in Hebron and allowed a small space for Muslims in their own mosque.

“One of these days it is the same in the Aqsa mosque and then Muslims have to pray in a small space in the corner, while the Jews have taken over the whole mosque.

“It’s a violation against Muslims.

“We want to pray in peace in our masses.

“We do not break into their synogogues.

“We call on the South African government to negotiate with the Israeli government before another war breaks out in the Middle East.”

Hon. Ganief Hendricks, a member of parliament and leader of Al Jama-ah told PEOPLE’S CHOICE: “The ANC government supports the struggle of the Muslims in Palestine.

“Parliament has already downgraded the Israeli embassy.

“We support the Palestinians because they supported us during our freedom struggle against apartheid.”

Meanwhile, a renowned Palestinian activist, Muna El-Kurd says:”Those who support Israel are complicit in the injustices that happen in Palestine.”

“To all pro Palestinians in the DA, councillors and voters, it is a crime you commit when you support a political party, knowing their objections in respect of supporting the people of Palestine.”

No to booze: Nazmie Jamodien, councillor candidate for Ward 57 at the recent liquor protest.

Residents in Salt River were up in arms this month over the application of liquor licenses from PNP Express situated at a BP garage.

They protested outside the BP garage at Salt River circle.

A spokesperson of the Southern African Alcohol Policy Alliance (SAAPA SA) said: “The granting of these liquor licenses is not in the public interest.  We are against the application for liquor license by the PNP express shop.

“Alcohol sales will increase the already unacceptable high road death rate.”

Salt River resident and Ward 57 councillor candidate, Nazmie Jamodien told PEOPLE’S CHOICE: “We call on national government to intervene against the DA-run City of Cape Town and to address this issue urgently to prohibit licenses at petrol stations.

“Most residents are against selling of liquor.

“This is a conservative and religious community.

Jamodien further said the selling of liquor has a detrimental impact on society which leads to unsavoury behaviour, crime and drunk driving.”

Fadiel Salie, chairperson of the community police forum, sector 3 in Salt River said: “We as the community are not happy and we are actually disturbed by the granting of liquor licenses in our community.”

Warda Rahim, Salt River Residents Association chairperson said: “We cannot allow further liquor outlets in our community.

“There are already two liquor outlets around the corner froml here.

“We protest against the latest liquor license application because it’s right opposite a church and two schools.”

Sheikh Rashied Omar said: “Alcohol is a deadly ingredient in our society.

“How many people die due to drunken-driving?

“More people die of alcohol than from Covid-19.”



Let us work together and turn our community back to its former glory.

See you at the voting poles – 1 November 2021


A local boy-band from Lavender Hill who started out playing in their garage have the opportunity to jet off to Spain next year February to perform at various venues in Majorca.

The only obstacle standing between them and Spain is to raise enough funds to get them there.

Band leader, Josh duPlooy, dubbed Jay-dee says the band members of Elevated Soul are geared to thrill the audience.

“It was always a life-long dream for us to to go overseas and play before a big crowd.

“It’s been a challenge to put up a band without having a decent venue.

“Gangsterism and drugs are rife in our community. So you have to remain focus.

“We are all determined and possess the passion to make a name out there.

A fundraiser event #Prosperity will take place 30 January.

The event is geared to show case local talent.

For more information contact:

VOTE Nazmie Jamodien-9 December

The time is now to turn our community back to its former glory, says PEOPLE’S CHOICE founder, Nazmie Jamodien who is standing as councillor for Ward 115.

“Jamodien says: “For more than 16-years I could only address the plight of our people through the PEOPLE’S CHOICE newspaper, but now i have the opportunity to do something constructive about it to bring about change.

“I was born and bred in the area. I know the struggles and hardships our people are forced to endure.”

More concerns

Jamodien further says, residents are fed up with empty promises made by bigger political parties.

“Litte or nothing is being done in our community.

“After Councillors get a seat you don’t hear or see them.

“Crime, unemployment, lack of affordable housing, drug dens, lack of accommodation for the homeless and the impact of the refugees on our community are major issues in our area.

“I believe through unity and new leadership we can make a difference and bring about change.

“I urge residents of Ward 115 to raise their voice and cast their vote.”


Community veteran, Mr Tahir Levy says: “We need to challenge these political parties who are in power.

“The struggle is real. Most people can’t cope with the high cost of living.

“There are far too many young people who are unemployed and roaming the streets.
“Give Nazmie Jamodien a chance, after all he is a homeboy from the area.”

Ward 115 by-elections – 9 December, Voting stations: Chapel Street Primary, Salt River Railway, Woodstock Town Hall, St George’s Cathedral-CBD


We can make an impact and turn back our residential area back to its former glory days where our children can play outside safely.

In former days our high school girls and boys were not so easily exposed to drugs, pimps and prostitution.. If nothing is being done about our sordid condition I fear the worse is still to come.

So, let us bring about change together.  We are not goint to allow drug merts to sell drugs to our children. We are not going to allow rubbish dumps on street corners.  We will fight the liquor licenses.  We will stand up against high rates, inadequate service delivery and everything affecting us negatively.

I can do so much more for our community when I’m voted into Council.

As a member of the City Council I can fight for our rights and needs.  I will be visible in our community.

I can sincerely and wholeheartedly state that I’ve already started with clean-up operations in removing the street corner rubbish which is piling up week-after-week.

I’ve used the initiative to start youth programmes and other forms of much-needed ventures.

Once I’m elected into Council, I will be the servant of the community and work full-on in remedying your grievances..  I stood up as councillor candidate because it’s by time someone in this community should take the reigns bringing our concerns to the fore.

We don’t need a councillor who is outside our residential area and who only upgrade and service the affluent white sectors of Wards 57 and Ward 115.

The existing councillor is totally invisible in our community.  We feel betrayed and ignored.

First of all: We need to empower the youth through youth programmes.

Unemployement must also be addressed as a matter of urgency

Something drastic must be done about the crime affecting our residents. The drug trafficking got out of hand and zero arrests of drug dealers.

Poverty has raised its ugly head.

The City of Cape Town’s water cuts is unconstitutional.  Foreigners have impacted on our residential areas in a negative way.

The high rates must be tackled at Council level.

And the list of grievances is never-ending… I believe by working together we can make our community great again.


Level one – too little too late?

Level one saw the opening of the economy but is it too late to save the damaged caused by level five lockdown.

Small and big businesses were hit hard alike by the national lockdown. The damaged caused by the lockdown had a ripple effect in society.

People pleaded with the president to opened the economy, but it fell on deaf ears. Many small and big businesses were forced to close shop resulting to job loss.

More than a third of the economy is destroyed.

The president has yet again made a loan by the IMF (International Monetry Fun and World Bank) to bail the country out of the pandemic crisis.

According to reports, an economist Morgan Stanley said the economy will take a while to recover.

Will the economy and the society stable as we enter 2021?

Concerned residents

Mogammad Adams, a DSTV installation technician says the lockdown has crippled him. “I’m struggling to keep afloat. People are counting their pennies before they spend on luxury items.”

Habib Edwards, student accommodation manager said: “All our rooms are empty. We will have to wait what the new year brings.”

Quawnieg Bailey, Education Training and Development practitioner said: ” Level One was left too late. The country was already in a recession before the lock down. I have no work.”

New kid on the block, Razaan flying high.

Support local artists says singer Razaan

New singer on the block,  Razaan has just released her new CD.

However, she feels young female artists do not get the proper respect and support they deserve.

“It’s tough out there and hard work.

“I would like everyone in Cape Town to listen to my tunes.”

“In order for this to happen, Cape Town needs to support local artists,” she says.

Visit her Fb page: Razaana and Instagram @razaana_official

New kid on the block, Razaan flying high.


Shafieka sets her love free in her new single  ‘Let you go’.

Shafieka urges the community to check out her new sounds on social media.

She says: “My new single is about losing the one you love.
“Everyone has lost that special someone.

“The song is about setting your love free.”

Visit her social pages : @Shafieka Patel

High Roller: Shafieka Patel




Cape Town is the most violent city which is not at war

According to crime statistics, Cape Town is considered one of the most violent cities in the world and is the most violent city in the South Africa.

Residents on the Cape Flats are constantly living in fear due to the incessant gangster shootings.

A resident from Eastridge in Mitchells Plain, Jakoef Losper says he’s ‘gatvol’ over the gangsters shooting in the area.

“Bullets fly up and down past my house everyday.

“I’m concerned over the safety of our children.

“The gangsters are out of control.”

Another resident from Eastridge in Mitchells Plain Shafeek Wickham says: “People going to work often get mugged at bus stops by gangsters.

“Our safety is a major concern.”

Mogamat Adams from Vanguard Estate says the high crime rate affects everyone.

He’s concerned about car-hijackings that’s rapidly on the increase.

“We’re not safe on the roads any more.

“Leaders need to come together and do something about the gangsters.

“It seems our government is gaining from crime.

“There is never enough police around when the gangsters are shooting.

“But when residents are protesting against crime they are  being looked at as the vigilantes.”

Faiez Jacobs, from the ANC says: “The DA is to blamed and don’t want to co-operate with the ANC.”

Mayor Dan Plato says: “The law is too lenient.”

Plato has budgeted R25million for additional city police to curb violence in the City and in the townships.

He says:”I will strenghten control in the CBD as well as in the township.”

He further says: “Gangsters have a field day in the jails where they get free food and television, almost like hotel service.”