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Covid-19 Janazas

Moulan Galil Brinkhuis from AL JAMA-Ah and member of WC Legislature says people need to take the coronavirus serious.

AL JAMA-AH prepares for mass funerals

“We had four Covid-19 janazas in Cape Town in one month,” says Ebrahim Solomons spokesperson of the Muslim Western Cape Undertakers Forum.

Solomons who is aligned to the AL JAMA-AH Covid-19 janaza section under the Team 24 further says: “Two of the deceased were elderly people, while the other were young men who had other health complications.”

Coronavirus is a reality and people must take it serious, says Moulana Galil Brinkhuis from Al JAMA-AH and member of the Western Cape legislature.

He says: “I’m heading the Al JAMA-AH Covid-19 Janazaz.”

“We are very cautious when we deal with corona-infected janaza’s and we protect ourselves with masks and protective clothing.

“We have prepared ourselves for mass funerals, but hope it will not be the case.”

AL JAMA-AH party leader and member of parliament, Hon Ganief Hendricks says: “More than 6% of the world population succumbed to the Spanish flu outbreak in 1918.

“South Africa had the third highest death rate in the world and hundreds of people, including Muslims were buried in mass graves.

“Covid-19 is also of such magnitude and we must be ready for Muslim Covid-19 janazas.

“But if people adhere to the government regulated lockdown, we can beat this pandemic which has swept worldwide since March.”

Soraya van der Meulen says she's skarreling for work during lockdown to put bread on the table.

The national lockdown has a devastating effect on the economy leaving most people skarreling for work to make ends meet.

PEOPLE’S CHOICE reporter spoke to residents and most say they are battling to survive.

Some are of the opinion that supermarkets are profiteering from the Covid-19 pandemic with their sky-high prices for essential goods.

Soraya Van der Meulen, an informal trader from Salt River said the lockdown has crippled her financially.

“The lockdown is killing me.

“I live from hand to mouth and had no income for the entire lockdown level five and four period.

“But yet I had to pay bills and put food on the table for my family.

“I had to klop aan by neighbours.

“I’m forced to skarrel around during lockdown for odd jobs.

“Life is bitter.”

Another informal trader from Salt River, Kenny collins said the lockdown is frustrating.

“I need to pay bills, but have no income.”

Bedford Moses, as shoemaker from Woodstock said he is also battling to put food on the table.

“I have applied for the Distress Relief Fund, but had no reply.

“We are desperate for work.”

A Salt River shop owner, Dawood said his future are looking bleak.

“If business remains the same, I will have to close shop.”

Veteran Community Activist, Tahir Levyl said the lockdown is for the rich.

People with money can afford to stay at home while the poor has to go out to look for work to put bread on the table.

“Whenever there’s a crisis the rich stays up there, but the poor suffers.

“I urge the public to help one another.”


Smokers are now out and about ignoring lockdown regulations skarrelling for cheap entjies.

They are more concerned to find entjies on the black market than getting infected with the Coronavirus.

Cigarette prices have soared since the start of the cigarette ban.

Smokers forked up to R200 for a packet of 20’s and R12 for a loose.

The black market is flourishing and profiteering.

A shop owner selling black market entjies said: “Its not us raising the prices, its the wholesaler.

A Salt River resident, Alwie said: “He can’t live without his smokes.”

“I paid R200 for a packet of 20’s

“It’s a complete rip off, but what can i do.”

“Each time I go and buy, the prices have gone up.

“I don’t understand why the government put a ban on cigarettes.

“You can’t smoke entjies, but dagga is legal.”

Ons hang onse guns op virrie pwasa

So says underage gangster laaities from Hanover Park.

An underage gangster, ‘Spyker’ (14) from Hanover Park is extremely proud to be a member of the Ghetto Kids.

He says: ” We have made peace out of respect for the holy month of Ramadaan.

“The pwasa is around the corner and the rain has started to fall.

“God’s mercy is with us.”

According to the Ghetto Kids there will be no shooting.

Living in fear:

Jakoef Losper from Eastridge, Mitchells Plain says gangster bullets fly up and down.

Bontehuewel Joint Peace Forum says: “DA councillor, Angus Mckenzie has failed the community.

“We are held hostage by unscrupulous gangsters in the area.”

Bonteheuwel resident Jenny Josephs says: “Gangsters shoot here everyday.

“Innocent children are killed by gangster stray bullets.”

A resident in Eastridge Mitchells plain, Jakoef Losper says: “Bullets fly up and down pass my house.

Our children are not safe anymore.”

Another Mitchells Plain resident Shafeek Wickham says: ” Crime is out of control.

“People going to work get robbed by gangsters at bus stations.

Faiez Jacobs from the ANC says: “The DA is to be blamed.

“They don’t want to cooperate with the ANC.”

AL JAMA-AH party leader, Ganief Hendricks says: ” The law is too lenient.

“Gangsters use underage kids to do their dirty work.

“They know the  kids will not be jailed.”

Hendricks says: ” Muslim Sharia’ah law will curb all social-ills in our communities.”





New kid on the block, Razaan flying high.

Support local artists says singer Razaan

New singer on the block,  Razaan has just released her new CD.

However, she feels young female artists do not get the proper respect and support they deserve.

“It’s tough out there and hard work.

“I would like everyone in Cape Town to listen to my tunes.”

“In order for this to happen, Cape Town needs to support local artists,” she says.

Visit her Fb page: Razaana and Instagram @razaana_official

New kid on the block, Razaan flying high.


Shafieka sets her love free in her new single  ‘Let you go’.

Shafieka urges the community to check out her new sounds on social media.

She says: “My new single is about losing the one you love.
“Everyone has lost that special someone.

“The song is about setting your love free.”

Visit her social pages : @Shafieka Patel

High Roller: Shafieka Patel




Skyler hosted a fun walk in Mitchells Plain to create Autism Awareness earlier this month.

Skyler Brown was crowned Little Miss PEOPLE’S CHOICE 2012 at a tender age of four and  said ‘no beauty shines brighter than the heart, so you go out there and make your mark.’

She did just that.

Soon after, Skylar was crowned the prestigious Miss Petite South Africa in 2016.

She will  be competing in the Toddler and Tween of the World Pageant (TTW) later this year in Johannesburg.

Skyler has embarked on various community projects.

Earlier this month she has hosted a mini-fun walk to create Autism Awareness in Mitchells Plain.

Skyler told PEOPLE’S CHOICE: “My ultimate dream is to become Miss South Africa.”

Her mom, Janine Brown says: “I’m proud of her achievements.

“She’s a hard worker and determined to make a success of her modelling career.

“She’s always passionate about making a difference.”

PEOPLE’S CHOICE will be keeping a watchful eye.



Skyler Brown was crowned Little Miss PEOPLE’S CHOICE 2012.

Little Miss Petite SA 2016

Cape Town is the most violent city which is not at war

According to crime statistics, Cape Town is considered one of the most violent cities in the world and is the most violent city in the South Africa.

Residents on the Cape Flats are constantly living in fear due to the incessant gangster shootings.

A resident from Eastridge in Mitchells Plain, Jakoef Losper says he’s ‘gatvol’ over the gangsters shooting in the area.

“Bullets fly up and down past my house everyday.

“I’m concerned over the safety of our children.

“The gangsters are out of control.”

Another resident from Eastridge in Mitchells Plain Shafeek Wickham says: “People going to work often get mugged at bus stops by gangsters.

“Our safety is a major concern.”

Mogamat Adams from Vanguard Estate says the high crime rate affects everyone.

He’s concerned about car-hijackings that’s rapidly on the increase.

“We’re not safe on the roads any more.

“Leaders need to come together and do something about the gangsters.

“It seems our government is gaining from crime.

“There is never enough police around when the gangsters are shooting.

“But when residents are protesting against crime they are  being looked at as the vigilantes.”

Faiez Jacobs, from the ANC says: “The DA is to blamed and don’t want to co-operate with the ANC.”

Mayor Dan Plato says: “The law is too lenient.”

Plato has budgeted R25million for additional city police to curb violence in the City and in the townships.

He says:”I will strenghten control in the CBD as well as in the township.”

He further says: “Gangsters have a field day in the jails where they get free food and television, almost like hotel service.”

EFF members protest against crime in Strandfontein earlier this month.


The Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) marched against gangsterism and drugs in Strandfontein this month.

Nazier Paulsen, the EFF spokesperson in the Western Cape and member of parliament says: “We will  arrest the corrupt judges and lawyers who take bribes from gangsters and murderers.

“We will clean the townships of drugs and gangsters ourselves.”

Meanwhile, other parties like the DA and ANC are  strongly coming out in force ahead of the upcoming elections.

The ANC knows the DA has won landslide in the townships with a staggering percentage of over 80%.

But this time around accoding to the DA census, their popularity has dropped tremendously.

However, according to the latest opinion, the ANC still has over 59% national suppport.


Bo-Kaap residents protesting against BLOK developers

The recent vehement protests in the Bo-Kaap has spelt out the deep-set opposition from local inhabitants of the City to DA policy.

Helen Zille, DA premier of the Western Cape has time and again made public announcements of the intent of urbanising the City of Cape  and surroundings.

A Bo-Kaap resident Qauwnieg Bailey told PEOPLE’S CHOICE: “Greedy land developers are destroying our rich heritage.

“All these high rise buildings are adding vualue to the area which results in high rates.

“People who can’t afford to pay their rates are forced to sell their homes.

“This is exactly what they did in District Six many years ago.

“The only difference is, back then, they were forcefully removed people.

“This time they are being smart smart about it by financially forcing you out.

“We don’t want any more unlawful city developments to take place in Bo-Kaap.”

Bailey further says: “We have a lot of European foreigners moving in here.

“They are invading our Muslim Culture.”

Osman Shaboodien, chairperson of the Bo-Kaap Civic and Ratespayers Association says: ” Our heritage status is being ignored by the City.

“The City is encouraging development at all cost.”

Shamiel Abbas, chairperson of the Woodstock Community Outreach Forum says: “Woodstock and Salt River are also suffering a similar gentrification fate as the Bo-Kaap Residents.”

Veteran community worker Tahir Levy says: “Gentrification means the big guys with the money is moving in.

“The plan is to move out the working class and the homeless.

“Woodstock and Salt River residents must take heed of what is happening in Bo-Kaap.

“Residents must stand firm and unit with the people in Bo-Kaap.”

Patric Solomons of Molo Songololo, a child rights organisation says the perpetrators must rot in jail.

‘Perpetrators must rot in jail’

Dan Plato, recently-elected City of Cape Town mayor says he is perturbed about the incessant child molestation.

He says:  “The law of the land and its constituition is far too lenient to deal with perpetrators.

“Our society is busy getting sick.

“It’s not the crime itself, but the way criminals molest children.

“They not only rape the underage kids and babies, but they are totally evil.

“After one rapist raped a baby, he pressed the little kid’s panty into her mouth.”

In another incident in Delft recently, the rapist told a small girl, he was going to buy her sweets.

He walked with her hand-in hand to an open field opposite the N1 freeway and raped the girl.

After the beastly act, he doused petrol over her body and set her alight.

A resident found the child burning alive.

The child survived the ordeal and was taken to trauma.

The child succumbed of the burns after a few weeks.

No arrests were ever made.

Patric Solomons of child rights organisation, Molo Songololo says: “I’m appalled by the rape and murder of little girls.

“We live in a sick society.

“The perpetrators must rot in jail.”

Albert Fritz, Western Cape  Minister of Social Development says he strongly condemn the spate of child rapes and abuse in our province.

“There is a deep concern for the growing numbers of little girls who fall victim to abuse or being killed.

“I urge parents to be vigilant of there children over the festive season.”