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Protesters demand for a liberated Al Aqsa

Hundreds of Muslims protested peacefully in front of parliament earlier this month against the Israeli court order allowing Jews to pray inside the Muslim Al Aqsa mosque in Jerusalem.

Imam Ebrahim Gabriels, former president of the Muslim Judicial Council, said: “We will die to protect the Aqsa Mosque.

“The Israelites thus took over the mosque in Hebron and allowed a small space for Muslims in their own mosque.

“One of these days it is the same in the Aqsa mosque and then Muslims have to pray in a small space in the corner, while the Jews have taken over the whole mosque.

“It’s a violation against Muslims.

“We want to pray in peace in our masses.

“We do not break into their synogogues.

“We call on the South African government to negotiate with the Israeli government before another war breaks out in the Middle East.”

Hon. Ganief Hendricks, a member of parliament and leader of Al Jama-ah told PEOPLE’S CHOICE: “The ANC government supports the struggle of the Muslims in Palestine.

“Parliament has already downgraded the Israeli embassy.

“We support the Palestinians because they supported us during our freedom struggle against apartheid.”

Meanwhile, a renowned Palestinian activist, Muna El-Kurd says:”Those who support Israel are complicit in the injustices that happen in Palestine.”

“To all pro Palestinians in the DA, councillors and voters, it is a crime you commit when you support a political party, knowing their objections in respect of supporting the people of Palestine.”