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‘We will clean up drugs and gangs’ says EFF

EFF members protest against crime in Strandfontein earlier this month.


The Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) marched against gangsterism and drugs in Strandfontein this month.

Nazier Paulsen, the EFF spokesperson in the Western Cape and member of parliament says: “We will  arrest the corrupt judges and lawyers who take bribes from gangsters and murderers.

“We will clean the townships of drugs and gangsters ourselves.”

Meanwhile, other parties like the DA and ANC are  strongly coming out in force ahead of the upcoming elections.

The ANC knows the DA has won landslide in the townships with a staggering percentage of over 80%.

But this time around accoding to the DA census, their popularity has dropped tremendously.

However, according to the latest opinion, the ANC still has over 59% national suppport.