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‘We come in peace’

Families squatting on D6 land demand houses

Aspris squatters who are illegally invading land in District 6, claim they come in peace and demand their human rights to housing.

The squatters who protested to make a statement for housing decided to make their homes on the vacant land. The squatters who are also known as the ‘social liberals’, say they are gatvol of the empty promises made by the DA-led city.

The Social Liberals spokesperson Sheri says: “We come in peace.

“We are not a violent group. We only want our human right to have access to low-cost housing.

Sheri told PEOPLE’S CHOICE most of the people here have been on the housing list for more than 15-years.

“It is unfair that people who come here from the Eastern Cape gets housing and we don’t.”

A squatter, Albert Abels says: “The city keep on making empty promises.

“We will not leave here, until we get answers from the housing department.”

Member of Parliament and Al Jama-ah leader, Hon. Ganief Hendricks says: “The City should be held responsible.”