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We can make an impact and turn back our residential area back to its former glory days where our children can play outside safely.

In former days our high school girls and boys were not so easily exposed to drugs, pimps and prostitution.. If nothing is being done about our sordid condition I fear the worse is still to come.

So, let us bring about change together.  We are not goint to allow drug merts to sell drugs to our children. We are not going to allow rubbish dumps on street corners.  We will fight the liquor licenses.  We will stand up against high rates, inadequate service delivery and everything affecting us negatively.

I can do so much more for our community when I’m voted into Council.

As a member of the City Council I can fight for our rights and needs.  I will be visible in our community.

I can sincerely and wholeheartedly state that I’ve already started with clean-up operations in removing the street corner rubbish which is piling up week-after-week.

I’ve used the initiative to start youth programmes and other forms of much-needed ventures.

Once I’m elected into Council, I will be the servant of the community and work full-on in remedying your grievances..  I stood up as councillor candidate because it’s by time someone in this community should take the reigns bringing our concerns to the fore.

We don’t need a councillor who is outside our residential area and who only upgrade and service the affluent white sectors of Wards 57 and Ward 115.

The existing councillor is totally invisible in our community.  We feel betrayed and ignored.

First of all: We need to empower the youth through youth programmes.

Unemployement must also be addressed as a matter of urgency

Something drastic must be done about the crime affecting our residents. The drug trafficking got out of hand and zero arrests of drug dealers.

Poverty has raised its ugly head.

The City of Cape Town’s water cuts is unconstitutional.  Foreigners have impacted on our residential areas in a negative way.

The high rates must be tackled at Council level.

And the list of grievances is never-ending… I believe by working together we can make our community great again.