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Sustainable garden stirs uproar

Soraya Booley is ecstatic at the outcome of the garden in Bo-Kaap

A garden-growing initiative by the the Sustainable Group at the Koestas in Bo-Kaap was slammed by residents and the Trust of the waqaf property.

According to a statement issued from the Universal Islamic and Cultural Trust (UICT) to the Sustainble Group it stated the waqaf property is held in trust by the Darul Falaah Study Group for the purposes of future development and use for Islamic education only.

More complaints

The report revealed complaints from neighbours saying, ‘daily activities have increased in the cul-de-sac’ at the property and became a serious nuisance to them.

PEOPLE’S CHOICE reporter spoke with a few neighbours who refused to give comment.

Osman Shaboodien, chairperson of the Bo-Kaap Civic Ratespayers Association (BKCA) said over social media at a recent meeting consensus was reached with the parties involved in and around the Koestas and acknowledged the hard work that has gone in the preparation for the garden.

The matter will be tabled at a community meeting in mid- October.

Soraya Booley started the Sustainable Group of more than 100 members with the aim of residents to become self-reliant by growing vegetables and fruit.

Booley said: “The land was vacant for more than 48-years.

“It was used as a dumping ground and a drug haven.

“We cleared all the rubble and started to grow the garden.

“It serves a dual purpose to keep the community safe and also teaching people to grow their own food.”

Aisha Gierdien, a Bo-Kaap resident said: “The garden is something positive in the community.

“It will teach the youth a skill and they can turn it into a business.

Mariam Khatib stands among the rubble at the Koestas.