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‘Sky high prices are killing us’

Veteran community leader says, 'democracy brought poverty.'

Veteran community worker says we need new leadership

The sky-high prices are killing everyone.

So says veteran community worker, Tahir Levy from Woodstock.

Mr Levy told PEOPLE’S CHOICE: “The poorest of the poor are getting hungrier.”

“Prices are definitely out of their reach.

“The middle classes are also feeling the pinch.

“The food prices have spiraled in such a manner that it has brought a tremendous amount of suffering to them.

“Unemployment and housing is also a major concern.”

He further said: “The high rentals from greedy landlords are exorbitant and people can ill afford it causing a housing crisis.”

“Democracy brought poverty.

“We need new leadership with a strong moral spirit to guide the people.”

Shaheed Mahomed of Workers International Vangaurd league said: “There is no need for food price increases.”

“The world food prices have dropped substantially, yet food soars and sky-rockets in our country.”

With further price hikes in electricity and petrol on the cards, consumers will have to tighten their belts another notch.

Aneesha Marais from Retreat told PEOPLE’S CHOICE she spends about R1000 a week on petrol.

“I can’t afford to drive anymore.”

“I’m considering to buy me a motorbike.”

Mabasir Mohamed from Goodwood said: “I blame the government who keeps on taxing us.”

“The high prices are not good.

“We will have to budget stringently.”

A shop owner in Woodstock, Faizal Parker said: “People are counting their pennies before they spend.”

“Our sales are down compared to last year.”

“Customers only buy the necessities like bread and milk.

“Some customers rather buy airtime vouchers instead of luxuries.