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No to booze: Nazmie Jamodien, councillor candidate for Ward 57 at the recent liquor protest.

Residents in Salt River were up in arms this month over the application of liquor licenses from PNP Express situated at a BP garage.

They protested outside the BP garage at Salt River circle.

A spokesperson of the Southern African Alcohol Policy Alliance (SAAPA SA) said: “The granting of these liquor licenses is not in the public interest.  We are against the application for liquor license by the PNP express shop.

“Alcohol sales will increase the already unacceptable high road death rate.”

Salt River resident and Ward 57 councillor candidate, Nazmie Jamodien told PEOPLE’S CHOICE: “We call on national government to intervene against the DA-run City of Cape Town and to address this issue urgently to prohibit licenses at petrol stations.

“Most residents are against selling of liquor.

“This is a conservative and religious community.

Jamodien further said the selling of liquor has a detrimental impact on society which leads to unsavoury behaviour, crime and drunk driving.”

Fadiel Salie, chairperson of the community police forum, sector 3 in Salt River said: “We as the community are not happy and we are actually disturbed by the granting of liquor licenses in our community.”

Warda Rahim, Salt River Residents Association chairperson said: “We cannot allow further liquor outlets in our community.

“There are already two liquor outlets around the corner froml here.

“We protest against the latest liquor license application because it’s right opposite a church and two schools.”

Sheikh Rashied Omar said: “Alcohol is a deadly ingredient in our society.

“How many people die due to drunken-driving?

“More people die of alcohol than from Covid-19.”