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‘No dream is too big’ says Little Miss People’s Choice

Skyler hosted a fun walk in Mitchells Plain to create Autism Awareness earlier this month.

Skyler Brown was crowned Little Miss PEOPLE’S CHOICE 2012 at a tender age of four and  said ‘no beauty shines brighter than the heart, so you go out there and make your mark.’

She did just that.

Soon after, Skylar was crowned the prestigious Miss Petite South Africa in 2016.

She will  be competing in the Toddler and Tween of the World Pageant (TTW) later this year in Johannesburg.

Skyler has embarked on various community projects.

Earlier this month she has hosted a mini-fun walk to create Autism Awareness in Mitchells Plain.

Skyler told PEOPLE’S CHOICE: “My ultimate dream is to become Miss South Africa.”

Her mom, Janine Brown says: “I’m proud of her achievements.

“She’s a hard worker and determined to make a success of her modelling career.

“She’s always passionate about making a difference.”

PEOPLE’S CHOICE will be keeping a watchful eye.



Skyler Brown was crowned Little Miss PEOPLE’S CHOICE 2012.

Little Miss Petite SA 2016