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‘Make our community safe and prosperous again’

Sh. Shafiq Jacobs says his concerned about the future of Salt River's youth.


Residents of Salt River now demand solutions to litter dumps, crime, drugs, poor service delivery and foreigners who are taking over the streets.

PEOPLE’S CHOICE co-ordinator, Nazmie Jamodien and Al Jama-ah councillor candidate for Ward 57/115 spoke with several concerned residents.

Residents claim the drug scourge among teens and car break-ins are the major problems.

Sh. Shafiq Jacobs, a lifelong resident of Salt River and Imam at Tennyson Street Mosque said: “The people who live here are pious.

“We are not use to nightclubs, prostitution and shebeens.

“Our children use to come to mosque for every waqt and for madressa. Our youth today are faced with different challenges.

“They are exposed to un-islamic social media and porn that’s readily available on cellphones.

“We need a councillor who can stand up for us, not an invisible councillor.”

Here’s what you had to say:

Shereen Marlie: “The residents need to stand together and take back our streets.”

Faeeza Omar: “There are too many vagrants walking around at night.”

Shameela Jamal: “Crime and drugs are a major concern.”

Nadeegah Van Schalckwyk: “There is a spike in car theft and break-ins.”


Stench in Lower Main Road unbearable’

“Litter dumps, dagga and urine stench are major problems in the Salt River Lower Main Road,” says Community Police Forum chairperson for Salt River Sector 3, Fadiel Salie.

Fadiel Salie and Nazmie Jamodien, Al Jama-ah councillor candidate for Ward 57/115 went on a walk-about in the Lower Main Road.

Salie says the Lower Main Road is an eyesore.

“The foreigners who runs businesses and lives on the premises are taking over the Lower Main Road.”

“They are the cause that Salt River residents are living in filth.”

“The foreigners just do as they please and have a don’t care attitude. I have laid several complaints, but nothing is being done.

“The DA Ward councillor is nowhere to be seen.”

While jostling through the mobs of people loitering around and making way through illegal exhibits on the sidewalk, a female foreigner came out of her shop and dumps her litter bags on the corner. When we confronted her to remove the dirt, she flatly refused.

Salie says another major concern is the selling of drugs in the Main Road.

Salie futher said the greedy, unconcerned landlords are also to be blamed.

“The foreigners live up to four families in a confined space.”