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‘Make our community safe and prosperous again’

14 April 2021

RESIDENTS SPEAK OUT AGAINST CRIME Residents of Salt River now demand solutions to litter dumps, crime, drugs, poor service delivery and foreigners who are...

‘We come in peace’

14 April 2021

Aspris squatters who are illegally invading land in District 6, claim they come in peace and demand their human rights to housing. The squatters...

‘Bring our community back to its former glory’

5 December 2020

The time is now to turn our community back to its former glory, says PEOPLE’S CHOICE founder, Nazmie Jamodien who is standing as councillor...


3 December 2020

WHY I STOOD UP IN MY AREA Year -in and year-out, nothing is being done where I live. In Fact, we’re actually worse off....

Economic slump due to Covid-19

5 October 2020

Level one – too little too late? Level one saw the opening of the economy but is it too late to save the damaged...


25 April 2019

Support local artists says singer Razaan New singer on the block,  Razaan has just released her new CD. However, she feels young female artists...

Cape Flats Gangland

23 April 2019

Cape Town is the most violent city which is not at war According to crime statistics, Cape Town is considered one of the most...

‘Sky high prices are killing us’

12 August 2018

Veteran community worker says we need new leadership The sky-high prices are killing everyone. So says veteran community worker, Tahir Levy from Woodstock. Mr...