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Heideveld protesters demand better housing

Angry Heideveld residents demand decent houses and lower rates.

Residents of Heideveld marched against the City to protest against the high rates and poor service delivery.

Vanessa Nelson, spokesperson for the Heideveld Residents said: “We are protesting for better housing.

“We don’t understand why our simple, weak-built RDP homes are valued at more than half a million Rand.

“We are also upset about the poor service delivery and increasing water tariffs,” said Nelson.

Cape Town mayor, Dan Plato said: “I indeed agree with the residents.

“Their homes need to be built in a better condition.

“I have gone to the area to assess the houses and I will look into the mater.”

Meanwhile, a Bonteheuwel family was evicted by the City of Cape Town and they now sleep inside a broken classroom of a local primary school.

The ANC said at a recent meeting the mayor, Dan Plato promised to assist the family to move back int0 they house but it never materialised.

The ANC said they found it very disturbing that the 100 so-called NST officers deployed by the City to assist SAPS in fighting crime in Bonteheuwel are now used by the City to forcefully remove people from their houses instead of fighting crime.

Plato afterwards claimed the court evicted the family because they were illegal tenants.