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Gangster laaities hang up their guns for the pwasa

Ons hang onse guns op virrie pwasa

So says underage gangster laaities from Hanover Park.

An underage gangster, ‘Spyker’ (14) from Hanover Park is extremely proud to be a member of the Ghetto Kids.

He says: ” We have made peace out of respect for the holy month of Ramadaan.

“The pwasa is around the corner and the rain has started to fall.

“God’s mercy is with us.”

According to the Ghetto Kids there will be no shooting.

Living in fear:

Jakoef Losper from Eastridge, Mitchells Plain says gangster bullets fly up and down.

Bontehuewel Joint Peace Forum says: “DA councillor, Angus Mckenzie has failed the community.

“We are held hostage by unscrupulous gangsters in the area.”

Bonteheuwel resident Jenny Josephs says: “Gangsters shoot here everyday.

“Innocent children are killed by gangster stray bullets.”

A resident in Eastridge Mitchells plain, Jakoef Losper says: “Bullets fly up and down pass my house.

Our children are not safe anymore.”

Another Mitchells Plain resident Shafeek Wickham says: ” Crime is out of control.

“People going to work get robbed by gangsters at bus stations.

Faiez Jacobs from the ANC says: “The DA is to be blamed.

“They don’t want to cooperate with the ANC.”

AL JAMA-AH party leader, Ganief Hendricks says: ” The law is too lenient.

“Gangsters use underage kids to do their dirty work.

“They know theĀ  kids will not be jailed.”

Hendricks says: ” Muslim Sharia’ah law will curb all social-ills in our communities.”