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Drowned hero’s body buried with dignity

Hafeeth Yusuf Kiboroto

Al Jama -ah leader and parliamentarian Hon. Ganief Hendricks battled against all odds to have the body of Tanzanian, Hafeeth Yusuf Kiboroto released after more than two months.

Hendricks said: “The judge was first reluctant to grant the court order in favour of a political party, but Hendricks argued the party has the right to represent the constituency.

“The judge granted the release of the body of Hafeeth Yusuf and ruled there is no need for any red tape or DNA tests.

“Hafeeth Yusuf drowned at the canal in Vygiekraal while trying to save a 8-year-old girl, Abieda Paulse who also drowned.

Hafeeth Yusuf’s body was released from the mortuary after two months and was laid to rest at the Klip Road Cemetry in Grassy Park earlier this month.