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Covid-19 Janazas

Moulan Galil Brinkhuis from AL JAMA-Ah and member of WC Legislature says people need to take the coronavirus serious.

AL JAMA-AH prepares for mass funerals

“We had four Covid-19 janazas in Cape Town in one month,” says Ebrahim Solomons spokesperson of the Muslim Western Cape Undertakers Forum.

Solomons who is aligned to the AL JAMA-AH Covid-19 janaza section under the Team 24 further says: “Two of the deceased were elderly people, while the other were young men who had other health complications.”

Coronavirus is a reality and people must take it serious, says Moulana Galil Brinkhuis from Al JAMA-AH and member of the Western Cape legislature.

He says: “I’m heading the Al JAMA-AH Covid-19 Janazaz.”

“We are very cautious when we deal with corona-infected janaza’s and we protect ourselves with masks and protective clothing.

“We have prepared ourselves for mass funerals, but hope it will not be the case.”

AL JAMA-AH party leader and member of parliament, Hon Ganief Hendricks says: “More than 6% of the world population succumbed to the Spanish flu outbreak in 1918.

“South Africa had the third highest death rate in the world and hundreds of people, including Muslims were buried in mass graves.

“Covid-19 is also of such magnitude and we must be ready for Muslim Covid-19 janazas.

“But if people adhere to the government regulated lockdown, we can beat this pandemic which has swept worldwide since March.”