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Cape Flats War Crisis

Gangsters busted by Metro Cops

The Murder rate in Cape Town emerged at a greater scale and remains undeterred at a record high in recent months and it has increased in spite of the deployment of the army in gang-infested areas nearly two months ago.

Nothing seems to derail gang violence. Not the army, not the police, not the neighbourhood watch, neither any preventative measures, nor the government itself. Cape Flats is officially a war zone.

Since the army’s largely ineffectiveness to stem the tide of gang violence, it’s actually in the hands of the government to execute a durable solution, due to their power of changing the rather soft laws of criminality.

The army is seen by most as a mere showcase and the question might be posed: What did the army achieve since their occupation on the Cape Flats.

Denver Andrews of Hanover Park Residents Forum to PEOPLE’S CHOICE: “There’s not much difference with the army’s presence.

“Crime has not decreased. The gangsters run around shooting indiscriminately, killing innocent people caught up in the crossfire.

“The community has reported the army was in the area about twice or thrice doing patrols.

“However, the army were never present when major gang war broke out between rival gangs.”

Bonteheuwel Peace Forum spokesperson says the army is ‘useless’.

Gangsters are still smokkeling drugs in the open as if there is no army.

“All government departments should come together with a holistic plan to stop the gang violence.”

What you had to say:

Mogamad Adams says government is not serious about crime.

“They must bring back Pagad to end the gang violence.”

Shuan Taylor: “The army is the only solution to make our lives a bit more bearable. The army is the only entity who can end the gang violence.”

Cathleen Jack: There’s not much difference with the army’s presence. Our laws are too weak to silence the gang violence.”

Walied Solomons: “The solution is not the army, but the problem lies in the government who execute these soft laws.”