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Boy-band from the flats off to Spain

A local boy-band from Lavender Hill who started out playing in their garage have the opportunity to jet off to Spain next year February to perform at various venues in Majorca.

The only obstacle standing between them and Spain is to raise enough funds to get them there.

Band leader, Josh duPlooy, dubbed Jay-dee says the band members of Elevated Soul are geared to thrill the audience.

“It was always a life-long dream for us to to go overseas and play before a big crowd.

“It’s been a challenge to put up a band without having a decent venue.

“Gangsterism and drugs are rife in our community. So you have to remain focus.

“We are all determined and possess the passion to make a name out there.

A fundraiser event #Prosperity will take place 30 January.

The event is geared to show case local talent.

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