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Out in the cold. Former Al JAMA-AH MPL says he got the boot after he complained about his massive salary deductions.

AL JAMA-AH party came under fire in the media for giving former MPL Ishgak De Jager the boot over R36K salary deduction.

AL JAMA-AH party leader and Member of Parliament Ganief Hendricks condemned the report saying its ‘unjust and demeaning”.

Hendricks said the former MPL was fired over incompetency, betrayal and delinquent behaviour.

“All members of the party signed a contractual agreement that half of their salaries to be deducted to incur party election debt.

“Smaller parties are not supported by companies and have no other source of income.

“Mr De Jager has failed to pay half of his salary as agreed upon since taken office.

“He only made a payment of R2000 in the third month which was substantially short of the agreed amount.

“Mr De Jager was non-compliant in his duties.”

Hendricks further said: “He went awol for social welfare meetings and the matter was brought to the party’s attention by the provincial speaker.

“We warned him at the earliest opportunity that such behaviour will not be tolerated.”

“We had no other alternative to terminate his contract.

“He didn’t make the cut.”

According to reports Mr De Jager claims of his gross salary of

R95 000, he only takes home R14 000.

De Jager said: “After I complained about the massive salary deductions I got fired.

“I used my mother’s inheritance to campaign for the party during the elections.

” There were no disciplinary hearings

” Ganief needs to be transparent.”

Mr De Jager questioned his incompetency and said: “If they can point out what meetings I didn’t attend.”

“I had to sell my car because I can’t afford it any more.

“I lost everything.”